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A Little About Carol

Carole Foltz

I believe that each individual has a special gift to give. Sometimes this gift is clear to a person, but in many of us it takes self-discovery to bring out our innate gifts which ultimately provide meaning and purpose in our lives. I work from a strength-based philosophy, highlighting the positives and moving clients toward awareness of where they are in this moment and the options available to move forward to meet their stated goals.

As a Career Counselor, my primary responsibility is to provide career guidance to students and adults. I play a  critical role in helping clients clarify their interests, values, skills and needs…

“I’m on my way to Chicago where I will start classes Monday morning at De Paul. I really couldn’t have done this without you. Thanks so much for everything!” - Katie, my first student transferring to a University

My training in the mental health field, 10 years of volunteer work on the Crisis Line, expertise in career pathway consulting, and extensive experience increasing student success has honed my skills to approach the development of individuals in a holistic manner…

“Your psychology background is a wonderful plus in relating to and giving wonderful insight into my college and career goals. You have been the only one to give me straightforward answers – without diminishing my hopes.” - A woman in marital crises

My listening style and the manner in which I elicit information creates a non-threatening environment for those who seek help…

“Your attentive ears and reassuring knowledge have guided me to assess where I’ve been, where I’m at, what I believe in, where I have to go, along with some bonus tips on how to get there. That’s a significant gift. This is a tiny thank you in comparison to the appreciation that backs it up. If it weren’t so fattening, I’d bet a Mrs. Field’s chocolate brownie that you’ve helped many before me and will help many after me.” - A young woman moving through a transition

Although I set appropriate boundaries, I am very aware that I make a special connection with each person I see. Whether they are young, middle-aged or older, I level the playing field; that is, I meet them as an equal, and apply an  “I/Thou” approach.  Clients leave my office feeling heard and respected and more hopeful…

“Thanks for the caring advice and attitude you used during our meetings.  You always gave kind and beneficial guidance; seems like you really care what happens to your students.” - Young man returning to an educational setting

“It has been some time since we last talked but I want to specially reach out to you to let you know how influential you’ve been in my life… It should come as no surprise to you that I am proud to say that these achievements stem largely from the passions you instilled in me early in my academic career. In closing, it’s important you know just how much you have made a difference in my life. Your thoughtfulness and inner radiance have become elements of my repertoire which I rely upon as a catalyst toward civil servitude. Only you and a hand-full of others have occupied such a position in my life; something I will be eternally grateful for. With that said, it is my hope that you continue to produce the change you seek in the world by guiding students in the pursuit of their dreams. As I continue down my path, I will strive to make you proud by reflecting your attributes in and through my work. Please feel free to share this with anyone you choose.” – Gary Heald, Jr Juris Doctorate, University of Pittsburgh, seeking an advanced degree at Georgetown University in Taxation


My Specialties

Career Counseling, Career Coaching, Vocational Counseling, Career Consulting, Teaching, Curriculum Development, Helping Veterans Transition, Career Assessments and Career Testing, Career Management, Career Development, Career Transition Support, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Strong Interest Inventory (SSI), College Students, Students on Academic Probation, Women in Transition, Divorce Issues.

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